Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Saujana Cipta Security - Certifications and Documents

Saujana Cipta Security - Company Profile

Saujana Cipta Security Sdn Bhd was formed in 2010 and has become one of the leading security agencies that provide total security solutions that cater the security need all over Malaysia. Our services include the following:

1. Static Guard
2. Armed Guard
3. Private Investigations
4. Guard Dog
5. Guardedness
6. Cash In Transit
7. Mobile Patrols
8. House Detective
9. Body Guards/ Escorts

Our security guards undergo stringent recruitment process to ensure the eligibility to perform the job well. Every candidate is vented by the Royal Malaysia Police. Prior to be assigned to the respective posts, the candidate will undergo intensive training and also oriented program covering the basic fundamental of security services.

With the experience and the quality of service rendered, we have established our self in this industry. Our clientele lists ranges from industrial, manufacturing company, telecommunication company to offices, banks, residential, and firms.

We are happy to be your security partner.

"Your Security and Safety are our prime commitment"

Saujana Cipta Security Sdn Bhd
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Best way in managing your security guard services

1. Review the Supervision System for Security Guards

Having a contractor with adequate systems for remotely supervising your guards is one of the most important components of ensuring good service. If your security contractor is not providing adequate supervision, your guards will be inadequately trained and unmotivated. Additionally, when your guards aren’t supervised they often feel that the job they are performing isn’t important.  Subsequently, they often adopt unprofessional behavior such as being habitually tardy or even stealing.  Before signing a contract with a security guard company, find out how it will carry out guard supervision.  As we previously discussed, supervision may be provided in several forms including:

Random spot checks using field supervisorsGuard check-InsGuard tour tracking systems

2. Assess the Training Provided to the Guards

If you are not satisfied with the service that your guards are providing, chances are their training has been inadequate. To improve your security guard service, assess the orientation that your contractor is providing. This orientation, also referred to as Site Specific Training, should be assessed for things such as:

Whether the training occurred at your property?Who was responsible for providing the training?How long was the training for each guard?Are their post orders that can be used for training?

The best way to assess the training is to sit through an orientation to see how the guards are being prepared to provide service at your property.

3. Verify Your Guards Qualifications

In most states there is a specified amount of training that guards must go through before they are licensed. Find out what the requirements are in your state and verify that the guards that your security guard company is placing are in compliance.  Additionally, to ensure a good fit you should reserve the right to conduct an interview of any guard PRIOR to them being assigned to your property. This initial interview is a good way of finding out what you can expect from the security guards.  After the interview if you don’t find the guard to be a good match, you can ask for a different guard.

 4. Perform Inspections To Improve Your Security

When possible, stopping by your property unannounced after normal business hours is a great way of finding out how your security operates when you aren’t there.  While performing your inspection question your guards about their duties to ensure they understand their jobs.  As an alternative, consider having your guards audited via a third party security consultant.  If you go the route of an independent 3rd party inspection, ensure that the consultant that you choose isn’t another security guard company or your results may be biased.

5. Meet Regularly With Your Contractor

The easiest way to improve your security is to meet regularly with your security guard contractor. These meetings can be formal or informal and even be conducted by phone.  The purpose of these meeting should be to provide the contractor with feedback about guard performance.  By providing them with regular feedback, you will find incremental opportunities to improve your security service. Both parties can discuss topics like tenant feedback, feedback from any remote supervisory systems, guard attrition, and the result of security audits during these meetings. These regular meetings will help your contractor understand what is expected and find ways to achieve acceptable levels of service.

6. To Improve Your Security Services Choose A Quality Contractor

Of the 6 tips in this article #6 is the most common sense.  But surprisingly it is also the one that many times is not followed.  As with anything in life what you put in is what you get out.  Although many security guard companies may seem the same, the quality assurance programs that help ensure that you and your customers are happy with your service aren’t free.  So assess the ability and track record of your vendors and choose the one that will be able to truly meet your needs.  “In this world, you get what you pay for.”― Kurt Vonnegut

"Your security and safety are our prime commitments"
Ahmad Naszri
Central Area Manager
Saujana Cipta Security Sdn Bhd

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Residential Security Tips

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security program. The following guidelines should be used in reviewing your residential security.

All entrances, including service doors and gates, should have quality locks--preferably deadbolt.Check your:

Front Door

Rear Door

Garage Door(s)

Service Door(s)

Patio Door

Sliding Glass Door


Swimming Pool Gate

Guest House Door(s). 

Don't leave keys "hidden" outside the home. Leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor or colleague. 

Keep doors locked even when you or family members are at home. 

Have window locks installed on all windows. Use them. 

Lock louvered windows--especially on the ground floor. 

Have locks installed on your fuse boxes and external power sources. 

If you have window grilles and bars, review fire safety. Don't block bedroom windows with permanent grilles if the windows may be used for emergency egress. 

If you have burglar or intrusion alarms, check and use them. 

Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor, and be sure to keep one in the kitchen. Show family members and household help how to use them. 

Periodically check smoke detectors and replace batteries when necessary. 

Keep flashlights in several areas in the house. Check the batteries often, especially if you have children in your home. (They love to play with flashlights!) 

A family dog can be a deterrent to criminals. But remember, even the best watch-dog can be controlled by food or poison. Do not install separate "doggy doors" or entrances. They also can admit small intruders. 

Choose a location that offers the most security. The less remote, the safer your home will be, particularly in a neighborhood close to police and fire protection. 

Know your neighbors. Develop a rapport with them and offer to keep an eye on each other's homes, especially during trips. 

If you observe any unusual activity, report it immediately to your RSO. 

Establish safe family living patterns. If you understand the importance of your contribution to the family's overall security, the entire household will be safer. 

While at home, you and your family should rehearse safety drills and be aware of procedures to escape danger and get help. 

Educate family members and domestic help in the proper way to answer the telephone at home. 

Vary daily routines; avoid predictable patterns. 

Know where all family members are at all times. 

Use these same guidelines while on leave or in travel status.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Security News - Borneo Post Online

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Public urged to be cautious with security companies offering low prices

Posted on February 18, 2015, Wednesday


PUTRAJAYA: Members of the public are reminded to be cautious with security companies offering security services at very low and unreasonable prices.

Home Ministry Senior Deputy Secretary-General (Security) Datuk Seri Adenan Ab Rahman in a statement yesterday said the reminder was being made due to the possibility that such companies may be operating illegally.

He said private companies, shopping centres, residents’ associations and housing management bodies should ensure that only licensed and capable security companies were allowed to provide security services.

Adenan was responding to a newspaper reports on security licence leasing activity and illegal security guards yesterday and on Monday.

He said besides employing local security guards, security companies could hire Nepalese who have passed the ministry’s and police’s screening process.

He said usually security companies using leased licenses would employ illegal foreign security guards or locals with unknown background and even having criminal records due to the lower cost.

“The ministry reminds the companies not to focus solely on making profits to the extent of neglecting their original objectives to provide protection and safety to the people and their properties and businesses,” he said.

He said since last year, the ministry had revoked the licences of 24 security companies for various offenses included leasing their security licences. — Bernama

Read more:http://www.theborneopost.com/2015/02/18/public-urged-to-be-cautious-with-security-companies-offering-low-prices/#ixzz3Sq8v8wFm

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Your security message - Avoid "heat stroke"

Dear Readers,
Here are some tips to be followed during the hot season that happen in our country now. Remember to always take care of ourselves and people around us.
"sharing is caring" :)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 10 Duties of a Security Guard

Dear readers, 
I got this article from one of the Security guard company outside Malaysia.  What they write here is exactly the outmost important responsibility of Security Guards.
Top 10 Duties of a Security Guard
1.  To be clearly visible
One of the duties of a security guard is to make his or herself clearly visible, as this would deter criminals. Most burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they see a security guard on duty. So, being visible is one of the ways by which a security guard foils theft, damage, personal injury, and other dastardly acts.
2.  To be vigilant
A security guard watches out for any strange thing that may mean harm. For this reason, he must have very keen senses of sight, hearing, and smelling. He should be able to smell it when a cable is burning or when a chemical is leaking from its container. He should be able to detect strange sounds, such as when someone is secretly trying to open a door. He should be able to sense it when someone is cleverly trying to divert his attention off his duty. And he should be able to interpret quickly whatever he sees. So based on these responsibilities, someone who is short-sighted or long-sighted won’t make a good security guard.
3.  To respond quickly and correctly during crisis
Not only does a security guard sense crisis; he acts fast to control the situation. So, a security guard must always be at alert to avoid being caught unawares. How a security guard responds to crisis varies depending on the threat. A security guard must know how best to respond to various dangerous situations.
4.  Observing and reporting
Even after a dangerous situation has been successfully averted, a security guard must not relax yet. He should keep observing until he is sure that there are no more problems. After a crisis, a security guard should report the incident to his supervisor, the police or the appropriate authorities (such as the fire services in the case of a fire outbreak). This way, further steps would be taken to avert a future recurrence.
5.  Getting help
During some very dangerous situations (such as armed robbery attacks or assaults with deadly weapons), a security guard may be unable to handle the situation. In that case, he would need some help, and he should waste no time in calling the police. By getting help this way, loss of lives or property would be averted.
6.  Checking and monitoring
Sometimes, a security guard would be required to maintain certain rules and policies as laid down by his employer. Individuals may require that visitors be searched before granted entry or that only visitors for which an appointment has been earlier fixed should be granted entry. Similarly, organizations may require their employees to show their ID cards before being granted entry into the work premises. In such cases, a security guard must check and ensure that all the rules and obeyed.
7.  Maintain order among people
Security guards are usually present in large gatherings, such as parties and political or religious assemblies. This is to ensure the safety of lives and property and also to prevent stampedes and breakdown of law and order.
8.  Receiving guests
If a security guard positions at an entrance, chances are, he will double as a receptionist because he is usually the first to receive guests and show them their way. This additional duty requires a security guard to be very friendly, approachable, and willing to help others.
9.  Offer safety warnings and tips
Among the responsibilities of the security guard is to give tips and precautions to his employers on how to prevent security-threatening situations. He should also explain the likely consequences of ignoring these tips, as a way of convincing his employers to adhere to his advice. In addition, a security guard should do his best to ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to.
10. Performing other special duties
Some security guards, especially those hired by individuals, do more than their primary duty most of the time. They may be saddled with additional responsibilities, such as receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital errands for their employer. If you are planning to take up a full-time or part-time security guard job, keep in mind that you will be required to perform these duties.
Please do contact us on how we can help you.

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